California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired

CTEBVI is a unique organization of transcribers, educators, parents, students, paraprofessionals, librarians, product designers, and other advocates for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.

Members share their expertise through the resources on this site, in the pages of the CTEBVI JOURNAL, at our annual conference, and through special workshops held throughout the year. Professional connections develop into lasting friendships in a vibrant community dedicated to the exchange of information, techniques, and resources.

CTEBVI highlights:


The CTEBVI JOURNAL is published three times per year to our membership. The JOURNAL features informative articles, directories of specialists, and much more. You can become a member to read the latest issue, or browse past issues without a membership.
Annual Conference

Each April, CTEBVI hosts over 500 attendees for a four-day conference featuring workshops, an exhibit hall, youth programming, and countless opportunities to make connections. Visit our conference page to learn more.
Scholarships and Initiatives

CTEBVI sponsors two annual scholarships to support both students and professionals, as well as the West Coast Reentry Initiative, providing equipment and software to braille program participants leaving California prison.

news & announcements

  • The 2022 Slate of Nominations for the CTEBVI Board has been unanimously approved by the voting membership.
    First Term:
    • Bonnie Grimm (Transcriber)
    • Cristin Lockwood (Transcriber)
    • Sue Reilly (Transcriber)
    Thank you to all who participated in the vote.
  • Watch the Awards Presentation Video from this year's "Higher Ground" Virtual Conference.
  • Join the CTEBVI community year round on Slack.

from this year's virtual exhibit hall

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