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CTEBVI Logo PAST Workshops

April 7 - 10, 2016
LAX Airport Marriott
5855 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045


Below are links to all the workshop materials that are available from our 57th Annual CTEBVI Conference - April 7-10, 2016 at the LAX Airport Marriott.

Not all of the workshops have materials available due to proprietary issues. Each workshop is in a folder so you can see all the materials available, per workshop, at once. Only those that are linked have a workshop available.

Workshop #
  Google Preconference Workshop  
101   Focus on the Future Symposium
201   BTW -Using MS Word to Create Braille Textbooks in UEB Eutz/Romeo
202   Transcription from Word with DBT 11.3 Peter Sullivan
203   Introduction to the new IMODS 2.0 Garcia/Hammonds
204   Blending Assistive and Maintream Tech to Achieve Optimal Efficiency Hughes/Kuns/Stilson
205   Reading Connections: Strategies for teaching students with visual impairments Kamei-Hanna/Ricci
207   Unique Optical Devices That Optimizes Functionality for Visually Impaired

Linda Pang

208   Wait! What? JAWS reads Math? Parker/Amandi
209   How to Levereage Social Media to Build Your Professional Network Ting Siu
210   AT Curriculum: Equipping Our Students for Success Arif Syed
301   Producing Nemeth Math in UEB Context with DBT 11.3 Caryn Navy
302   Taming the Tiger (repeated in 403) Jennifer Fiero
303   BTW -How to De-Program the use of EBAE Olmstead/Romeo
304   OHOA:Overview of online training modules to support/train para/educators and working with children Aguilera/Median
305   Using Google Docs with a Chromebook, a Computer, or an iPad Christian/Sweetman
306Link   Introducing the California School for the Blind's New Braille Note Taker Guide Herlich/Vu
307   Analysis of seven informal reading inventories for conducting learning media assessment Sunggye Hong
308   Lighting Basics Mike Ju
309   Accessible Curriculum Jonn Paris-Salb
310   U2 Can Social Network Damian Pickering
401   Using Word to Get Your Dux Lined Up Gaeir Dietrich
402   Producing UEB Math with DBT 11.3 Caryn Navy
403   Taming the Tiger (repeated in 302) Jennifer Fiero
404   Cranmer Abacus Hands-On Practice Sunggye Hong
405   Quick and Easy Expanded Core Curriculum: The Hatlen Center Guide Patti Maffei
406   Traveling more independently using iPhone apps Jerry Kuns
407   Blazing Braille, Or OCR With an Edge Damian Pickering
408   Personal Power: Its Relationship to Student Performance Okikawa/Cioffi
409   Teach n' Learn Taesch/McCann/Pieck
  Accessing the Google Suite Apps with IOS and Voice Over Vu/Vona/Herlich/Gunn
501   BTW-The Impact of UEB in Nemeth Math Introducing the iBraille Challenge Mobile App Toles/Mountain View
502   From Book to Computer: Scanning and OCR Gaier Dietrich
503   3-D Printing for the Benefit of Visually Impaired and Blind Students Cheverie/Schindler
504   New Innovative Products for Students (Optelec) Rick Waddell
505   Introducing the iBraille Challenge Mobile App Kamei-Hanna/ Niebrugge/Pomeroy/Smith
506   Don't Micro Manage, Macro Manage Your Notetaker Damian Pickering
507   The Secrets (Literally) of Student Success Schulenburg/van Docto
508   CVI & Intervention;What's New to Help Determine Successful Strategies for your Student with CVI Diane Sheline
509Link   How You Can effortlessly Make NVDA Lessons Fun for You and Your Students in 90 Minutes! Vona/Gross
510   Accessing STEM: Fun & Accessible Science Projects Williams/HIRsh/Pathak/Pan
511   Transition into your Future Cathleen Coombs
601   What About Formats? (repeated in 801) Cindi Laurent
602   Getting the Most From Braille2000: Math Topics Bob Stepp
603   Large Print Discussion Joan Treptow
604   Refreshable Braille: Opportunities and Challenges Jennifer Dunnam
605   The Magold Basic Braille Program, from tactual perception to learning the UEB Code Stephanie Herlich
606   Going to the Dogs! Martin/Stern
607   Be more effective in your future crucial conversations Ramona McLaughlin
608   iPads as Multi-device Assistive Technology: Uses, implementation, Justification Ting Siu
609   The Benefits of a Functional Low Vision Examination Dr. Bill Takeshita
610   What's in my Technology Toolbox? A Day in the Life of a Braille Student Cox/Murdy/Sweetman
611   Work Adjustment for Transition-Aged Students Tony Fletcher
801   What About Formats? Cindi Laurent
802   Getting the Most Out of Publishers Files Dietrich/von See/Ostby
803   Sources and Resources for United English Braille Jennifer Dunnam
804   Connecting DRDP2015 to instruction for Young Children with Visual Impairments Fisher/Goldstone
805   Restoring a Gunky Perkins Brailler to Health Goodale/Adams
806   A Smarter Transportable for the Low Vision Student James McCarthy
807   Transition to Employment Debi Martin
808   Troubleshooting And Accessing Tech-Support With Your Students Pickering/Sweetman
809   An Introduction to Music for the Blind Student Taesch/McCann/Pieck
810   What's the Fuss About Focus? Bennett McAllister
811   Letting Go / Being Let Go Judith Lesner, et. al.
901   Getting the Most From Braille2000: UEB Topics Bob Stepp
902   Tactile Graphics for STEM Studies John Taylor
903   What's Available in Assistive Technology for Students who are Blind/Visually Impaired Amandi/Vona
904   Creation of Tactile Graphics and Maps Carreon/Kuns
905   Transition to Community College Gaier Dietrich
906   Assisting Clients to Become Ready for Guide Dog Mobility and the Guide Dog Lifestyle Marc Gillard
907   The Prodigi Connect 12--New Mobile Solutions in Low Vision Technologies Kevin Hughes
908   A Touchy Subject: Tactile Learning and Literacy Kehret/Dietz-Epstein
909   From Theory to Practice for Students with CVI Moore/Moreno/Parker-Strafaci/ Schlanden
910   Audiojack:Education in Imagination David Tobin
911   How Did They Decide What To Do With Themselves? Ward/Rieda/Panel
1001   Transcribers - Focus on the Future Sue Reilly
1002   Educators - Focus on the Future Jonn Paris-Salb

Below are materials from various workshops dating back to 2010. Please feel free to copy them. We ask that you give recognition to the Presenter who submitted the material.